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Jonathan R. Miller

"Though his books are labeled literary thrillers,
Miller is most concerned with his characters, 
who struggle with issues of discrimination, identity,
ideological rigidity, and belonging." 
- Poets & Writers Magazine

"Miller's skillful economy of language and penchant for playing the cards close to the vest -- or chest plate -- works to his advantage as the tale picks up momentum/mayhem and puts an intriguing, nonstereotyped lead character through pitfalls and deadly perils of parahumanity. Ghost in the Shell fans will have a blast."
- Kirkus Reviews

"A truly layered piece of fiction."

- ABC's news magazine program, "CityLine"

"His personal knowledge of racial tension pushes his stories."
- Huffington Post

"High-tech thrillers with complex characters"
- San Jose Mercury News

Jonathan R. Miller is an author of genre-bending thrillers and YA fantasy stories featuring diverse, complex characters.  

Miller was born in Illinois, lived in New Mexico for most of his childhood, and then became a California transplant after undergraduate school at Stanford University. He was an 8th-grade teacher for 7 years in the Oakland public school system, and has worked as a writer in the San Francisco Bay Area ever since.

Miller's own biracial heritage has had a strong influence on his thought processes and writing approach. His novels deftly explore issues of identity while providing storylines that are layered, thought-provoking, and moving.

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