"Though his books are labeled literary thrillers, Miller is most concerned with his characters,
who struggle with issues of discrimination, identity, ideological rigidity, and belonging." 
- Poets & Writers Magazine 

  1. Tallah
    "If it were possible, I would gather the race in my arms and fly away with them." - Ida B. Wells
  2. Gravity Breaker
    Gravity Breaker
    "An engaging superhero story with deep themes" - Kirkus Reviews
  3. The Two Levels
    The Two Levels
    When a possible outbreak leads to the quarantine of an urban shopping mall, its inhabitants quickly divide themselves into two opposing camps.
  4. Frend
    After suffering a traumatic event that lands her in the hospital, Anomié makes a decision: She is finished with the human race.
  5. The Mortis
    The Mortis
    A husband and wife are staying in a hotel on a remote islet when the sickness comes.
  6. Delivery
    To make ends meet, Ambo scrapes out a living as a delivery driver, transporting an array of items both legal and otherwise.
  7. Three-Cent
    Currently unavailable
    In a nation where the government mandates the ethnic blending of the populace, a man fathers a son who is unmixed.